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High end luxury sex dolls with full internal skeletons, made of soft skin materials, fully customizable bodies, and modeled directly after some of the hottest women/men on the planet. Get yours!

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If boobs are your thing then sex doll searching just got awesome for you! Simply tell us what size you like and we will call on our lovely companion doll models to give you some sexy time inspiration! 👇

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Filter By Skin Tone

We are the very first love doll vendor to offer search by skin tone because we are shoppers too, and since its one of the most important decisions to make for your new sex doll, we believe that you need to see more than a tiny square! So we categorized every doll one by one by skin tone so you can not only shop easier but get inspired too. Chose a skin tone below and we will call up our companion models for you.👇

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All Customizable Sex Dolls

Shop Custom Dolls

Did you know that you can FULLY customize the girl/guy of your dreams?! It's true! you can choose a body type, height, breast size, skin tone, face, eye color, mouth, hair, nipple and areola colors, vagina type, feet type, hair or no hair etc. You can also choose from several additional upgrades if you so chose like an upgraded skeleton, implanted hair, freckles, heating and moaning, removable tongue and much more. Shop our full catalog here and we will call up our entire range of beautiful sex doll companion models to give you some sexy inspiration. From there just choose customize and dial him/her down to the perfect fit for YOU!

In Stock USA Sex Dolls

Shop In Stock Dolls

Our newest and fastest growing option to be able to serve you better is the addition of in-stock-sex-dolls! Individually selecting the most popular body styles and configurations based on past orders we can now offer the best dolls that are ready to ship in just a couple days. Saving not only weeks of waiting for a new doll but money as well. Since these dolls are shipped by sea to our warehouses, they are cheaper to send which in turn is a savings that we can pass on to you! Usually hundreds of dollars. In stock dolls are delivered to you sometimes in as little as a week! Ready to ship warehouse dolls are preconfigured already so if you need customizations, please see our customizable sex dolls here or click here and we will call up our beautiful companion dolls for your choice.

Silicone Sex Dolls

Shop Silicone Dolls

Silicone sex dolls were the original material to make love dolls mainstream, and to this day produce some of the most outstandingly beautiful companion dolls on the market. The material is firmer than its counterpart tpe and not pourus leaving it easier to clean. The silicone faces and bodies are able to have the most realistic painting and details as the artwork will stay with the doll, and is the preferred choice for photographers and companion doll buyers that want the absolute height of realism. Click here for more on silicone and here to have us call up our beautiful silicone companion dolls for you to choose from!

TPE Sex Dolls

Shop TPE Dolls

With silicone sex dolls reigning supreme for many years , and still dominating the high end markets, manufacturers came up a new process that has its own unique benefits - namely being more affordable as the silicone process is vastly more costly. Enter the tpe sex doll! TPE is commonly known as thermoplastic rubber, used in the production of various products because it can be easily molded and injected, is very soft, can be stretched up to 5.5 times length, and more closely resembles a persons skin. Click here for more on tpe and here to have us call up our beautiful tpe companion dolls for you to choose from!

Shop By Height

Sex dolls are modeled directly after some of the hottest guys/girls bodies on the planet! We have tagged every doll we offer with its height in cm and feet so you can truly begin to build the love doll of your dreams! Manufactures body styles vary widely in each height so we have placed all similar heights together to give you a great place to start. If you see words like "plus", "minus" , "A", "B" etc, it just means a doll that is the same height but a different model. Choose your desired height below and let us call up our beautiful companion dolls in your preferred height just for you!👇

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Shop Irontech Dolls

For our first partnership we looked for the best in the business for not only quality but for beauty, detail, enjoyment, options, and most importantly a team of people that we trust to not only deliver the best doll possible very time but that we can count on to do the right thing each time our customers place their trust in us. Irontech was the easy choice! Founded in 2016 by Leonard Liu, Irontech started life as a doll retailer and, after seeing issues as a seller with the current market of love dolls, he set out to create more beautiful and realistic sex dolls with "Iron-like quality" because of what he saw and is now one of the top sex doll manufacturers in the world. Shop his beautiful companion dolls here!

Elf Sex Dolls

Shop Elf Dolls

Looking for a little something exotic? Elf sex dolls are gaining steam as the go to choice in fantasy love dolls for sheer eroticism as well as uniqueness. Easily one of the hottest options we have to offer, bring a little fantasy to the bedroom with your own elf companion doll! Shop here and we will call up these beautiful ladies for you to chose and customize however you like!

Male Sex Dolls

Shop Male Sex Dolls

Gaining headlines and some internet fame lately male dolls have hit the sex doll market by storm! Many people aren't even aware that male love dolls exist let alone where to get them. We are proud to offer some of the best male sex dolls on the market in both tpe skin and full silicone bodies and heads to you at last. These male companion dolls come with all the bells and whistles that the female dolls are famous for such as skin color, height choices, eye and hair colors, nipple and areola colors and sizes, penis options in tpe and silicone, implanted chest hair, facial hair, body heating and much more! Shop here and we will call up our sexy male doll models for your inspiration to customize how YOU want him!

Torso/Half Sex Dolls

Shop Torsos/Half Bodies

A perfect entry into the luxury sex doll market, we now offer sex doll torsos with heads. Fully customizable love dolls with similar customization options as a full love doll from head options to skin color to nipple size and color. These torsos have the same fun parts at an affordable price. Makes a great snuggle and a less expensive way to see how amazing these actually feel in person before committing to a top end doll. Shop here and get to customizing!

Sex Doll Legs

Shop Legs

Rather cuddle up with a sexy pair of legs wrapped around your face?! Then get your very own luxury made set of sex doll legs to roll around with! Made of the same high quality material as the full size dolls and modeled after real women, our sex doll legs are customizable, come with all the fun parts, and now are offered in tpe AND silicone! A perfect "entry" into sex dolls and a fun addition when stepping up to a luxury sex doll before fully committing to a full doll. Shop our companion doll legs here and we will call up our beautiful ladies legs for you to chose and customize!


Shop Asses/Butts

Feeling all business today? We have you covered! A small taste of a high quality masturbator with soft tpe skin, this ass/butt is an easy step up from cheap toys to something that touches and feels like the reel thing inside and out without committing to a full doll. Want to try the material out and see how she drives first? Then saddle up to a custom ass made just for you! Shop her here.

Why Are You Not On The Doll Forum?

Short answer. Not necessary and overcrowded with vendors.

We think the Doll Forum is a fantastic place to find information regarding sex dolls and a great place to meet other buyers with questions. The Doll Forum requires a recurring fee (a hefty one)and there are so many listed it would simply not make sense to add ourselves to the already overwhelming list.

Why? 1. The Doll Forum's largest value is to verify vendors. If you have any questions about us or our relationships with our manufacturers simply message them or email them directly and they will happily confirm for you to allay any fears. 2. We are very public and very visible on social media and are constantly working with customers there to find the girl/guy of their dreams. 3. We started this because we wanted to be a place to safely and confidently buy the girl/guy of your dreams and our entire ethos and model is designed with that in mind.

Do you offer a sex doll money back guarantee?

Easy one. Yes! Its one of the most basic and fundamental things to offer and so very few do.

What is it?

Basically: If your doll is broken or considerably different from what was stated, we'll replace it or give you a refund (when a replacement is not possible). It's that easy.

We want you to feel confident - So we offer a full money-back guarantee on all orders. You can find the full guarantee here.

How Do I Order A Sex Doll Once I Am Ready?

Excellent! You are ready to add a new doll to your home, but how?

This is the fun part!

We use Shopify payments so you can absolutely rest assured in a secure cart process as it is run through Shopify payments directly. We also offer PayPal of you prefer. We are proud to announce something really cool to our site. You may also finance your sex doll! We have partnered with PayPal Credit and Klarna to offer the first of its kind sex doll financing. Short term, long term, low interest, slicing and no interest options all exist. Once you have made the decision to purchase there are a multitude of awesome options to get you there. Any questions here please feel free to ask us in chat, on social media here, or contact us here.

Warehouse Dolls: If you live inside the USA then we can ship you a pre-confugured doll direct to you in a few days, no long waiting. If you like how she is customized, simply hit the add to cart and let us know how you want purchase!

Custom Sex Dolls: There are many ways to customize your doll and it can feel a bit overwhelming! But have no fear it's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1️⃣ Step 1. Choose above if you want your doll exactly like the model or if you want to make customizations. If as is, then add to cart and checkout with our many available payment options (including financing). If you want to customizer her, then click the wrench. Here you can choose from hundreds of FREE options from head to skin color to eye color. Create your ultimate sex doll fantasy!

2️⃣ Step 2. Choose if you would like any upgrades for her. Here you can choose things from an upgraded skeleton to removable tongue to moaning.

3️⃣ Step 3. Choose if you would like any extra parts for your sex doll, such as an extra wig, extra head, or extra eyes.

WHEW! Now that you have built the girl of your dreams, click add to cart and checkout. We will take care of the rest for you and get to work right away creating her for you and shipping her to you as fast as possible!

How does the process of buying a sex doll work?

Glad you asked!

Disclaimer: The following timeline is just an estimate, and delivery dates should not be taken as being "guaranteed" by it. The following schedule does not account for delays caused by exceptionally busy periods, holiday seasons like Chinese New Year, or any other delays caused by unanticipated circumstances (including COVID-19).

It takes, on average, 3 to 6 weeks from order to delivery. This can be longer or shorter depending on your location, the doll you choose, the time of year, and the manufacturer of your doll. Standard silicone ant tpe dolls can be made in far less amounts of time than ultra-realistic silicone dolls.

Following the submission of your order, you will receive an email confirming receipt of your order details. We'll thoroughly check your order to make sure all the specifics and data are correct. If anything seems odd or is missing, we'll get in touch with you to confirm everything.

We provide you a grace time of 24 hours in case you need to make any last-minute alterations.

At that time, your order is received by our workshop's administration and added to a production queue. Your doll will begin to be created in the workshop as soon as it is moved to the front of the line*. The anticipated time for fabrication ranges from 5 to 21 days, depending on the brand.

Our team conducts a stringent quality control inspection after your doll is ready, and factory photos—pictures of your doll for your approval—are taken of it.

Once you are satisfied with it and any necessary adjustments have been made, your doll is safely packaged and prepared for transportation. After shipping, you will receive a tracking number in 3–4 days.

Your doll is now traveling to your home and should arrive there soon. = Please contact our helpful staff before making a purchase. We will offer you with a more precise timeline that is specific to your order after informing you of the timeframes we are currently experiencing.

*Depending on the brand, model, and season, the wait times for extremely sought-after or recently introduced dolls may range from one day to more than two weeks. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us via chat or email. We'll be happy to look you up and check with the factory.

**Production and delivery timelines may be impacted by extremely busy times, holiday seasons, including Chinese New Year, and other unforeseen incidents (Like COVID-19).

**We ask for your patience as there may be delays brought on by unforeseen events brought on by COVID restrictions and the conflict in Ukraine. For a number of reasons, some things are beginning to return to normal, but others are still lagging or backed up..